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Black Salve or Drawing Salve?

1303652995 34 Black Salve or Drawing Salve?

I was diagnosed with a boil on my face above my eyebrow. I am on meds but the key is for this thing to drain on its own. Dr. says hot compress but I was told about "black salve" which draws the boil to a head.

Has anyone used this and does anyone know where I can get it and what the brand is?

Ichthammal. CVS pharmacy has it in the prescription section.

Also good remedies for boils in order of effectiveness:
willow (cambrium layer or leaves) boil 1 cup water, add willow, remove from heat, let steep 5 – 10 mins, wrap in paper towel and apply to boil. (You'll see results, the head, within 12 hours)

Henbit (nice little weed in your yard) same proportions, same routine..

Yarrow (milroil) ditto.

Willow is by far the best and fastest. but "Icky" (ichthammal) will work in a day or two.

any brand of drawing salve will work ♥

Black Salve or Drawing Salve?

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