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Black heads and boil/acne problems on thighs?

1306055201 66 Black heads and boil/acne problems on thighs?

so i was searching for zit videos on youtube

gross right?? lol 😛

one i found that was weird had black heads and like acne/boils on there thigh

then they showed after pictures and when the boils were popped they scarred
so my questions are,

what causes acne on the leg/thigh area, and what prevents it from scarring?

Aside from the obvious of eating healthy and avoiding junk food, consider taking vitamin B and baking soda scrubs. I also put a bit of salus spray on baking soda and it works remarkably well. try it. I get the spray from ebay and it lasts forever if refrigerated.
Cheers, Mol

Black heads and boil/acne problems on thighs?

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