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Armpit boils question?

 Armpit boils question?

A week and a bit ago one of my armpits got all spotty and then one of them turned into a boil, I used drawing ointment and then it drained but now there's one next to it under the skin.. it hasn't got a head. then there's loads of spots all around that one armpit, painful ones.

I did change my deoderant recently but I stopped using it, I don't know how to stop it because I treated the boil, I'm not using the deoderant but the spots keep forming and now another boil…
My skin looks rashy also..

Anyone got any advice or help?

never use deoderant on rashs or spots, it will irritate them and make them worse! I would recommend washing them and applying cream,they should go away in under a week. If they dont go away (which they should) then see a doctor.

Armpit boils question?

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