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Are the chinese serious? eating fetus.?

 Are the chinese serious? eating fetus.?

"The following is the text of an article which originally appeared in the Hong Kong Eastern Express on April 12, 1995."…
dont worry, the webpage doesnt have pictures.

"No one could accuse The Chinese of being squeamish about the things they eat – monkeys' brains, owls' eyes, bears' paws and deep fried scorpions are all items on The menu. but most dishes revered as national favorites sound as harmless as boiled rice when compared to the latest pint de jour allegedly gaining favor in Shenzhen – human fetus.

Rumors that dead embryos were being used as dietary supplements started to spread early last year with reports that some doctors in Shenzhen hospitals were eating dead fetuses after carrying out abortions. The doctors allegedly defended their actions by saying the embryos were good for their skin and general health. "

Urban legend. Don't believe everything you see or read.

Why it is that many Chinese also eat dogs, cats, and are the major manufacturer of fur farms?

Are the chinese serious? eating fetus.?

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  1. I hv 2 turtle but one is eatiing but other is not. pl suggest wt i do now i am so worried of its shrinked skin?