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April 29 Open Line

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Obama is not the first President to have an Easter egg roll at the White House. the first was held on Easter Monday of 1878 when President Rutherford B. Hayes officially opened the White House grounds for egg rolling. the event was canceled during World War I and World War II, and due to poor weather conditions. So, Obama is continuing the tradition. Trump is so proud that Obama released his birth certificate? I think he and all you birthers look like fools. Voluntary euthanasia. this would work for all types of people. If you just cant take it any more, don’t. “It” being government, Link, taxes, gas prices, prison, religion or Open Line. Have teachers you know prepared for the upcoming celebration of National Multiple-Fathers Family Structure Week? Can’t believe the picture on the front page of the paper today. It gave me a good laugh. these little boys had a dispute and one of the boys put a car on top of a moving crate. I thought it was so funny. the only thing in history that stays the same is the arrogance of the elite. A-C if you have your own pre-K, get your own grant. Virginia’s pre-K is Virginia’s grant, not A-C’s. you are at it again, trying to take it all for yourself. the disabled person complaining about parking needs a reality check. Disabled parking spaces are marked for only disabled parking; violations are subject to fines. So any other vehicle should not park in those spots, be it an ambulance or city car. Go find something else to complain about, maybe the weather. seems like South Jacksonville has a lot of boil orders. So much commentary about watching thy neighbor. Who watches you? I cannot believe I live in the day and age when there are those among us who want to abolish and do away with Social Security. Ron Paul, R-Texas, wants to abolish Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. I guess if we get sick or old and can no longer work an eight- to 12-hour day job, which is what I worked all my life, I guess they want us to just do without and die. What a sick bunch of asinine people we have today running this country. Columnists, please entertain the possibility that it’s possible you could be wrong. I’m stunned by the small-mindedness found in the Open Line comments. It kind of sounds like the business person caller who won’t hire college grads never bothered to try and get one himself. Few college degrees cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. just reading the tone of the posting, I’d be willing to wager he isn’t paying his employees more than couple of quarters over minimum wage. I also wonder how many full-time people this person has working for him. To the Brown County night deputy: you still want to run for sheriff in 2014? you sure have been pretty quiet since the April 5 election. Cat got your tongue?  we need to start drug and alcohol testing our Greene County homemakers. Go right ahead and take Social Security away from the sick, the poor, the disabled and the elderly. It’s no skin off your nose is it? Kind of like giving your neighbor’s house away to charity might hurt them but it sure won’t hurt you any. Why won’t Congress and the Senate stop giving all the aide to foreign countries if we are so broke? they could start with Israel. Why don’t they cut their salaries, and pensions instead of giving themselves raises each year? It’s easier to take the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid from those who cannot defend themselves is why. you can judge a nation by how it treats its poor, disabled and elderly. right now the United States ranks right along with third world nations. A 2009 Stanford University report found that 17 percent of charter schools reported academic gains that were significantly better than traditional public schools; 46 percent showed no difference from public schools; and 37 percent were significantly worse than their traditional public school counterparts. do we really need a charter school in this town? If the teacher-critic is so smart about what goes on in the classroom, then he/she needs to get certified and teach. those who can, teach; those who can’t, criticize the teachers. the American Psychiatric Association has recently identified liberal progressivism as a mental disease. I’d like to suggest that professor Steve and the Jacksonville Progressives make an appointment soon with the psychiatrist of their choice. With proper treatment, these people can be helped. there is hope. Chances are the folks always demanding drug testing on Open Line have heavily invested in a testing lab.  I think about everyone knows that the Beardstown police are not trained well and they did do the right thing in handing the murder investigation of Troy Logsdon over to the state police. If it would have been me, I would have let that police dog chew up the guy awhile before calling the dog off. In 1960, the U.S. Supreme Court in Flemming vs. Nestor, stated there is no legal or contractual right to Social Security benefits. It likened benefits paid into the system as “old age insurance” and could be terminated or denied for a variety of reasons. Interestingly, one such reason was excessive income at “old age.” the income criteria was clearly based on true need. at the time the ‘New Deal’ was passed, we were exiting a depression. I highly doubt Roosevelt wanted to include the Rockefellers within the umbrella of eligible recipients. the problem now is SSA has been paid to people out of mere gratuity rather than true need. SSA has applied income limits to only those between certain ages, and have lifted the limit at full retirement age. Thus, a person can wait until full retirement age and receive benefits regardless of income. that is the rub. Today, Rockefeller would be eligible. the simple fact is SSA is a chained entitlement program, the ultimate Ponzi scheme. whether those who draw it fully appreciate it or not, the simple reality is by taking it in lack of true need, you have screwed over your grandkids. It goes beyond fuzzy math to try to solve the problem. the problem is circular. you have to cut people off at the spicket. Instead of increasing our grandkids’ retirement age, Congress should invoke income limits across all ages, and rightfully deny those well over. I keep hearing all this noise about motorcyclists needing to wear helmets, what about the bicyclists who ride out in the streets? get off the motorcyclists and make it safe for the children out here. Everyone that gets Link cards aren’t abusing it, selling it or just getting junk food. I’m disabled and I get food with a Link card and I’m grateful for it. sometimes, that’s the only way I’m able to get food in the house. And as far as the 20 hours community service, I’d give my right arm to be able to do that. when I worked as a secretary, I was good at it and I enjoyed it. So please, don’t put everyone in the same sack because we’re not all like that. some people really need the help. But, if they want to buy a half gallon of ice cream every once in a while, so be it. they deserve to have something nice too from time to time. you just need to look a little more carefully at those using the Link, then I think you’d understand. In the peaceful year of 1961, the federal budget was around $100,000,000. of that amount, $57 billion went for defense, $3.2 for welfare, $1.6 for health care, and $1.7 for education. the federal budget for 2011 is $3,690,000,000, with $738 billion for defense, $567 for welfare, $879 for healthcare, and $38 for education. Significance? People have said some schools in the region begin class without saying the pledge of allegiance to the flag or requiring students to stand while saying it. is this true? Which schools and which classes? Late the other evening my friend and I heard a commotion down at the corner and investigated. What we saw saddened us: right before our eyes about 20 mean Republicans were busy snatching away from frail senior citizens their Social Security cards, Medicare cards and their cans of dog food. Everyone can be placed into two groups: those who place everyone into two groups, and those who don’t. Steve Watkins was murdered. His two daughters should be allowed to see one another. the Skinner family took part in murdering Steve. I think some people are glossing over this issue when they say the Watkinses are being selfish. Given the fact that well over four-fifths of the world’s oil reserves and most of the world’s refineries are either state-owned, as in Mexico, Venezuela, and the Middle East, or controlled by states or by OPEC, realistically speaking what can be done about high gas prices? we enjoyed scapegoating Bush three years ago, but let’s not scapegoat Obama. I’m very disappointed that they released Obama’s birth certificate. they should have just let you ignorant birthers keep driving yourselves even nuttier than you already are. at least it did expose to the world just how bigoted and stupid you really are, so now you’ll have to move on to something else to try to discredit him. one thing you’ll never be able to do is change his skin color, which is what started the whole load in the first place, and you know it so now what you idiots? Everybody knows this isn’t going to be enough to get you hateful racists to back off. You’re never going to accept that a black man is our president. you better get over it because you don’t have anything better to offer, that’s for sure. the first U.S. president to have an Easter egg roll was Andrew Johnson in the 1860s. In 1878, President Hayes officially invited all children to come to the White House for the event; except for WWI and WWII, it has been an annual event. PS: Where did you get your information about the current president hosting the first such event? “the Pledge of Allegiance shall be recited each school day by pupils in elementary and secondary educational institutions supported or maintained in whole or in part by public funds.” Illinois Compiled Statutes 105 ILCS 5 School Code, Section 27-3. Ha, ha, birthers: now you have to find a new cause to worry about. How about Big Foot going to the moon where he finds Elvis, Jimmy Hoffa, and the missing socks you lost in the wash? If you missed the Take back IL 9-12 program on April 25 and 26, you missed a rare opportunity to learn the truth about Islam and how it is rapidly infiltrating our country, starting with Obama and his administration. Arm yourself with knowledge before our women are all wearing burkas. Look at the history of Islam, it can and will happen here if we don’t stop it. I hope that what happened to the Watkins family doesn’t happen to those who say they are being selfish. Their son is dead, murdered at the hands of his estranged wife’s grandmother, their grandchild is a link to their late son and a part of their life. you are either cold-hearted, have no children or are related to the family of the murderer. this child has been dealing with custody issues long before Penny Watkins started fighting to see her granddaughter, that is what Steven was doing when he was murdered by this so-called family. I believe it’s very selfish for a mother to take her daughter and leave the state and live on the run as a fugitive. I pray the Watkins’ get custody of little Sidney before it is too late for her to learn right from wrong. God’s speed Watkinses. If you really knew anything at all about the Watkins case, you would know Sidney loves her daddy’s family. Living a life on the run in my opinion is not a very safe or stable environment for that little girl. It is my opinion that this has to stop somewhere. Where is DCFS when a child needs them? there are two children involved in the Watkins case. Dale and Penny have Steven’s oldest daughter. Don’t you think she has a right to know and be close to her sister, or does that make her selfish, too? come on people, step back and look at the bigger picture. If we all thought we didn’t have to follow the law chaos would ensue. “Imagine having a president whose life work was your work.” It was September 2007, and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., was challenging members of the Service Employees’ International Union to dream the dream of owning a president, him. another radical, racist church minister has surfaced. It’s Rev. Wallace Smith of the Shiloh Baptist church in D.C. Instead of preaching about God and religion, Smith was ranting about how horrible white people are, just like a few other radicals we know about like Wright, Farrakhan and Sharpton. And lo and behold, the Obamas attended the Shiloh Baptist church this Easter Sunday listening to all this hatred again. Imagine that. To all the of you who are bad-mouthing the Watkins family and don’t think they have the right to seek visitation with their granddaughter, walk a mile in their shoes. Jennifer and her family chose their actions and made their bed that they need to lie in when they took the life of Steven Watkins. Jennifer needs to grow up and do what is best for her daughter and let Dale and Penny be a part of her life. enough is enough, Jennifer Watkins and her family think that they are above the law. they have made a joke of our court system and our judges. she is harming her daughter beyond repair. maybe DCFS should take this child away from her mother. Jennifer needs to be put in jail and her daughter taken away from any and all of the Skinners and Websters for the child’s safety. It is time for the state to stop funding preschoolers. this is a very expensive baby sitter. Parents probably wouldn’t think this early education is as important if they had to pony up for bus services, meals, furniture, teachers salaries and benefits. Someone made very good sense today in questioning the value of high school proms. I agree, they are a waste of money. Time to do away with them. People griping about prom and cheerleading funding and activities, grow up. If there’s an issue, don’t allow your children to participate in any social or extracurricular school activities. That’s fine. other than that, try to instill moral and positive values to them and back off, please.  the best thing that could possibly happen to Illinois would be to somehow eliminate Chicago. the corruption of that city has dragged Illinois down to the point of no return. Why is it that only white people are called racists? Before we do away with Social Security for the people who have worked all their lives and had to pay into this program, let’s clean the payout rolls and discard the deadbeats, the illegals and the double-dippers. Let’s take care of our elderly and do it with respect. they do deserve it. I was driving down South West Street today and it was pouring down rain and I saw a sign out in the front of Leisure Pool and it says “Rain, Rain Go Away.” Hope it works.  Why isn’t the sidewalk barricaded at the Fourth Street railroad crossing in Beardstown? this is illegal as all hell. I am not surprised the railroad or the city hasn’t had one hell of a lawsuit against them already. anyone who trips and falls there can sue the daylights out of both parties. this is definitely a major issue in Beardstown and should be remedied immediately or the citizens should call in complaints to the federal government, this cannot stand. Shame on Mayor Robert Walters and the Burlington Northern Santa Fee Railroad. Why is it being allowed for the Obama administration to send $770 million overseas to build 27 mosques? I thought the liberals were all about separation of church and state. Isn’t a mosque a house of worship? Why aren’t the Republicans demanding an investigation and explanation? Obama says in his speech about his birth certificate, “we do not have time for this kind of silliness. we have more important things to do. I have more important things to do.” So, right after the speech he gets on a plane to go tape the “Oprah” show and says “I remember being born in Hawaii.” What pompous arrogance.  I’m guessing, but probably exactly right, none of the Websters, Skinners, or Watkins ever read the Holy Bible? There’s a story in their about people fighting over a child and what did the king do, he told them he would take a sword and cut the child in half so they could each have half the child. the family that loved the child the most gave in and said the other family could have the child and the king gave the child to the family who surrendered the child first. Where, oh Lord are our judges today? we have the same problems that existed 2,000 plus years ago and they call us a civil society. All the people I have known in Jacksonville for decades say they have had nothing but the finest service from our Jacksonville police. Generally speaking, those who grumble about the police are people who simply don’t get along with authority here or elsewhere, whether it’s the police, teachers, or hospital personnel. Let’s count our blessings each day. OK. All you foreign countries that received disaster aid from the US of A, now it is your time to help those in the southeastern US of A that have been damaged by storms. should I hold my breath waiting for you to help us? Why would Obama expect anyone to believe anything he says or does after all the lies he’s told in the past? He’s out to destroy all the United States stands for and people are still falling for his deception. If you want to see tough repression of women by brutal and entrenched power, just Google “ladies in white” and read on various websites about all the harassment and indignities they endure every day of their lives. It’s not pretty. right now would be a good time for a company to start a gas war. they could sell gas cheaper than the competitor and make all the money they want because lots of people would flock to them to buy cheaper. I’m tired of that teacher whining about get $18,000 a year. I worked 47 years myself so the teachers is at least 20 years younger than I am and I don’t get anywhere near $18,000 a year. the teacher should stop whining and shut up. Wake up people. Obama showed his birth certificate today and proved that it wasn’t missing. Don’t you wonder what else you’ve been lied to about? Check into your Social Security and your Medicare. Open your eyes, people. I would like to publicly thank the Lord above and two of his angels that walked into our apartment on 423 W. College to personally notify each of us of the fire that was on the first floor on Tuesday the 26. Thank you. I was calling in concern about the school for the visually impaired. I think they should merge with ISD because they have 140 employees and only 48 students. If they want to cut the budget then I think merging schools and the state should merge some of their property and save the tax payer money. they can cut some of these jobs that are overly expensive. Barack Obama’s birth certificate is dead on arrival. It’s as fake as he is and anyone who buys it at this late date doesn’t want to know the truth, and that’s a fact. With all the problems we have in our country, is it really important for Obama to fly to Chicago in the expensive Air Force one to do a TV show with Oprah? It’s a waste of time and money. In regards to the $17,000 coin, it’s a hoax, a fake, a lie. Don’t take my word for it. Go to some of the experts in town, in Jacksonville and talk to them. Why won’t they talk to the person who said it? is he not available? I had lunch with Elvis today, he’s not available for you to talk to though. Poor reporting. It’s sad that the school board has chosen to close a bunch of schools that none of their children go to. I wish they would think about the kids and close them all and give everyone a fresh start. that would be much fairer to the children. In today’s paper under the school board section for Jacksonville School District, board member Mindy Olson is quoted as saying, “it is not fiscally responsible for the school to proceed with the charter school with a cost of $650,000. And, even though we didn’t lay anyone off this school year, we are still expected to have this year’s deficit of two million dollars.” All the knee-smacking going on with the left side doesn’t mean anything until they prove this birth certificate is real, and it’s dubious at best. did you hear the ad that the Republicans have going that they say is paid for by the seniors, 60 years and over? Don’t be fooled, it wasn’t the seniors that paid for these ads. they were paid for by big businesses, making you think the seniors like it. Don’t be fooled seniors, go after Schock. just a question. What year was Hawaii made a state? 1959 How can the president of District 117 School Board say that opening a charter school is not fiscally responsible but turn around and vote to build a brand new middle school? that doesn’t make any sense. How can you have students go back to their home schools when you’re closing two of the schools? that doesn’t make sense either. Also, how can one board member sit there and talk about what the businesses think about the plan when they don’t have a clue what the parents of the children involved or the community at large thinks? this also doesn’t make any sense. Someone needs to wake up the Republicans and let them know there are as many bad white people as there are African-Americans. I’d like to say something about the Watkins situation. If this was a low-income person, they’d already be serving time in jail and their child would have been taken and given to the other family. It’s all because they have money, big money. It’s no wonder Skinner didn’t get a parade instead of a jail sentence. I have to ask, without a birth certificate how did Obama ever get into school or get a passport. I think the Journal-Courier should consider including PORTA as one of the schools for sports since Ashland is so close to Jacksonville. I don’t believe it, the Army Corps engineers is actually going to think about making a move that makes more sense. If the water is already too high you don’t build more levees, that just makes a bigger flood. you have to poke a hole in the levee somewhere and give the river some relief somewhere. It’s common sense, although in the past people have been arrested for doing this. we shouldn’t be paying one penny for oil in Iraq until all of our costs are covered. according to my calculations, we should be hauling oil out of there for free for about seven years. There’s a big difference between this not-so-royal wedding and the Super Bowl. America doesn’t force the Super Bowl on British media. I wish the “Today” show would cancel and put another show on that doesn’t report anything about the British, I’m tired of hearing it. It’s getting old already. I’m wondering, there’s a story on the Internet news that isn’t in your paper yet. It’s about the state passing a new law banning public aid from collecting child support. they passed the law because they take people’s driver’s license. about 75 percent of those that owe child support can’t pay because they don’t have a license to get to work. I guess Congress got tired of them violating our rights and put a stop to it. It’d be nice to see an article in the paper about it. now that’s what I call customer appreciation. 75 cent coffee between 2 and 5 p.m. Why don’t you really appreciate your customers and give it to them between 5 and 6 a.m. when we drink coffee. the Mexicans can celebrate their Mexican holidays, so why is it so racist and terrible for people in the South to celebrate Civil War events? I agree that the prima donna comment was inappropriate but the basic premise of the comment was good. All extracurricular activities in public schools should be paid for by the participants and not the tax payer. All these millions that our government is giving these countries that hate us and want to take us out, let’s see how many millions our government will give to our own people here in the United States who are suffering from loss of homes, loss of life, loss of everything they own. All the people in the south in desperate need of funds. Let’s see if they cut off the money going to the east for people there and help our own.

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