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About the body and water?

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i know this is a fact that tap water contains small amounts of estrogen ,estrogen being bad for men (unless you want to weigh 300lbs and have boobs) so my question for all you science geeks out their is can you destroy estrogen and remove it from tap water by boiling the water first before you drink it?

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yes i am aware of all the sources of estrogen but that is not the question

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here is one of many sites on this information

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here are some sites to show how it is bad for you

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estrogen dose make it hard to loose weight and causes you do deposit fat in the breast area especially and it also counters testosterone witch is what is responsible for building lean muscle and burning fat

but i don't want a answer about how estrogen is good or not good i want to know how to get ride of it from tap water and can boiling it destroy it?

About the body and water?

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