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[0]-[0] Alternative Medicines – treatment and prescription: what are some ways, if any to treat a Mersa infection without going to the doctor or E.R.? //////\\\

1302968725 46 [0] [0] Alternative Medicines   treatment and prescription: what are some ways, if any to treat a Mersa infection without going to the doctor or E.R.? //////\\\Question 1
what are some ways, if any to treat a Mersa infection without going to the doctor or E.R.?…  I would like to know if there are any "treatments" to either treat the mersa infection or is there something i can do to keep it from getting worse. such as: Hot or cold compress, epson salt ect

1)   dont put heat on it it will swell, i have mrsa, it sucks you have to gt intesne antibiotics, and if you get a boil you go to the dr they will give you some, and hopefully it clears if not you have to get it cut open,,,i had one on my butt once that was fun…i had one on my face, and put heat on it and it made my face swell and have black eyes – Nadeane Niven

2)   Nope, and no matter what, I don’t suggest it. a buddy of mine lost a portion of his lower face because of it…

You wanna play home remedy, do that with a case of the sniffles, not virulent infections, k? It’s not worth the gamble. – Tink

3)   Sorry, but no. How do you know you have MRSA on your own?

Depending on where the infection is, surgery, oral, or IV antibiotics are required. – ckm1956

4)   Hello, I’m a doctor. use sumycin. I think that you want to get more info about it. Please go to —-> – Melony Gibson

5)   Overprescription of antibiotics has lead to the development of this type of problem. It makes sense that you need to take a substantial amount of probiotics — 80% of your immune system is in your gut. the optimum dose for people who are just trying to recover their good gut flora from antibiotic use is 15 billion live cells per day. In your case it would make good sense to more than double that. Vitamin D3 is also an immune system booster. the optimum dose for the average is 5 to 10,000 iu a day. So in your case you could more than double that as well.

Since MRSA has made a nice home in you, the ideal treatment is to make yourself an inhospitable environment.

Properly prepared antimicrobial garlic products in powder and liquid form have been scientifically proven to kill MRSA in human clinical studies. And unlike antibiotic drugs that weaken your immune system, garlic actually boosts your immune system, providing powerful added benefits over the antibiotic drugs.

In 2008, Dr. Ron Cutler and the University of East London (UEL) released the results from a human clinical study performed on 52 patients with hospital acquired MRSA (or HA-MRSA). all 52 patients were treated with a form of stabilized allicin and recovered fully from their MRSA infections. many of the wounds healed in just 4 to 12 weeks and many of the patients had previously been treated with multiple antibiotics with no improvement.

Another recent study performed by Chungshan Medical University Hospital showed that other compounds in garlic, not just allicin, have powerful natural antibiotic effects. In the study, mice were infected with the bacteria from actual human MRSA patients. the study found that garlic extract, diallyl sulphide and diallyl disulphide provided strong protective functions against MRSA by boosting the immune system. – thenoseknows

6)   Its expensive and hard to find! Called HBOT – Purefied

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Question 2
Does chiropractic care work?…  I’ve been dealing with knee pain issues for 6 months now with little-no improvement using conventional medicine (rest, physical therapy, ice, NSAIDS). the ortho said surgery is an option, but not a good one, so I’m ready to try alternative methods. I’m skeptical a chiropractor can help but would love to have some testimonials.

1)   There is no substantiated evidence to suggest that chiropractic works for anything other than temporary relief of lower back pain. – Gary Y

2)   I asked a similar question earlier today. It seems like there is a lot of debate over whether the treatment is helpful, with some saying it is. Others believe that it is not and that chiropractors mainly get into that profession as an excuse to fondle the patients butt. So it really is a mixed opinion. It may vary from chiropractor to chiropractor. Maybe go have one appointment but look at their behavior towards your butt in a skeptical manner. – Ward

3)   Chiropractors have certainly helped some people with massage, accupuncture and other treatments but most conventional doctors regard them as quacks. – Susan Yarrawonga

4)   chiropractors will rip you off. true story: i told him my back gets a little strained at work when bending down over and over again; he said in a low voice "God that’s not normal". x-rayed me and said I had a fracture. went to a real doctor, x-ray was clear – greenman

5)   the medical-minded relegate it to the only thing they can understand and are familiar with, non-corrective (and therefore useless) physical therapeutics. the purpose of chiropractic is simple, to correct the cause of nerve interference. period. i could supply numerous testimonials of others, but personally i have had no knee problems. instead, i will mention that the most common cause of health problems in general, including joint problems, is nerve interference. nerve interference to muscles causes them to elongate and weaken. this creates imbalanced stress on the joints they attach to, which often results in pain and a tendency for injury, as ligaments are made to bear the additional load weakened muscles do not. the most common neurogenic muscle weaknesses tending to produce knee pain involve one or more of the following: the quadriceps femoris, the leg adductors, and the hamstring (though others may also be involved). the source of the nerve interference is in the upper neck, due to subluxation of the atlas (c1) vertebra which impinges the spinal cord. see an hio method upper cervical specific chiropractor. – Mr E

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Question 3
how many milligrams of benydrayl should i take to get high?…  i am 175 pounds and i was wondering how many milligrams it would take for me to get high

1)   why would you want to get high? thats bad. – cassie butler

2)   Benadryl gets you high? – Injam

3)   Idk about you, but benadryl puts me to sleep.

Also, if you take too much you can stop breathing. (I’ve done it on accident before)

Also also, If you count that strange feeling it gives you as a "high" then just take the recomended dosage. – The Dez Pirate

4)   robotripping is dangerous just stick with weed – James Annoyong

5)   Recreational dosages for benadryl vary the drug in it is called diphendydramine. Here is a diphendydramine recreational dosage scale.
Light dose 25-150mg
Common dose 150-300mg
Strong dose 250-500mg
Heavy dose 450-700mg
Benadryl usually comes in 25 or 50mg tablets. – Nick

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Question 4
is pot supposed to hurt your lungs?…  I mean like when you inhale it, im not talking about from long term use, i notice when i inhale my lungs hurt for a few seconds and i cough like crazy, is this normal? i also have asthma. also is it ok to smoke everyday? or would that be too much?

1)   No, don’t smoke, you have Asthma, dummy. Eat it instead, lol. – Florida Kayak Girl

2)   While pot is not physically addictive, it is mentally addictive. I would suggest you limit yourself to maybe once a week to once every two weeks. Not only that but if you live in america it is illegal, and you DO NOT want to get in trouble with it. It would affect your entire life. Be careful, and don’t be around stupid pot heads that take unneeded risks. Like driving around with it. Buying large quantitys of it. Or like to tell everyone and invite strangers around to smoke. you never know who is who these days. Pot is relatively harmless, much less harmful than drinking, and should be legal. But its not.

Now to the coughing, yep normal. And the grade of pot you smoke is either going to make that better or worse. If its ditch weed (meaning its really cheap) its going to be harsh and nasty. Not only that b
ut smoking the cheapest may have mold in it or spider mites. you get what you pay for. what would lessen the coughing is the manner in which you smoke it. If its all you can get my advice is either don’t buy it or to smoke it out of either a water bong or a vaporizor. That will make it easier to inhale and it won’t make you cough up a lung. Plus if its that bad the water acts as a filter and the vaporizer you don’t actually inhale smoke you inhale the fog from the burst thc glands. – waterlilyccr

3)   Well since you are burning a dry plant which produces carbon dioxide it is a little bad, but so is sitting by a campfire. Coughing is normal, especially if you are a beginner. I have a friend who has a serious asthma problem, and he said it actually helps him. It helped me breath better. I mean i wouldn’t do it everyday, but every other day, in my opinion would be better. also to help not cough try not to swallow the smoke, and take a nice slow hit, don’t just suck on it as hard. – Northernlights

4)   the part of it that burns your lungs is the good part, that’s the signal for this hit is a good one. idk about the asthma though, you might wanna consult your doctor. lol but for the love of god, make something up don’t saying you’re smoking reefer. – greenman

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Question 5
Having trouble swallowing pills.?…  i used to swallow them normally until like week. i am having because of my throat gag. althogh i dont chew it but when i put it into my mouth i have break it into 2 and then swallow it. so i cant swallow the whole thing but can only swallow after a bite. please help me out

1)   DO NOT BREAK THE PILL UP!! Unless the doctor/pharmacist has told you that it’s okay to break the pill, if you break the pill it won’t be adsorb as it should. It could been adsorbed quicker, which isn’t a good thing.

It’s all mental right now. try filling your mouth with water, tilting your head back, throwing the pill to the back of your throat, and sipping a drink with a straw to help you put it down. – FaZizzle

2)   When I have trouble with pills, I put a pill in a small glass of water and chug it. – Blumbug

3)   If you get an okay from your doctor to break it in half, you can then mix it with some apple sauce to help it go down better. – Sarah

4)   Taking a bite of food while taking the pill should help. Just be sure to swallow everything at the same time. your gag reflex won’t notice the pill going down with the food. – Bco4th6th

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[0]-[0] Alternative Medicines – treatment and prescription: what are some ways, if any to treat a Mersa infection without going to the doctor or E.R.? //////\

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